Bourbon Cowboy Cookers
Who are we?

• We are group of people primarily from the Houston area that participate in charity events around the State of Texas.

• The group is a mixture of people who work as professionals in various businesses in the area.

• We started a cook-off team in 2006 to assist with the Humble BBQ Cook-Off and Rodeo.

• Our tent is a family friendly tent during the day and is an adult party during the night.

• All good, clean, safe fun in an American Western Tradition.

• We have a uniformed Police Officer in our tent to prevent underage drinking and maintain peace.

• Bourbon Cowboy Cookers is an 501(c)(3) charity (your sponsorship is tax deductible).


• We have been participating in and supporting the Humble BBQ Cook-Off for the past 9 years. We had great success at the Humble Rodeo and BBQ Cook-Off in 2014. The Bourbon Cowboy Cookers won the 1st Place Trophy for Best Showmanship!! This makes 9 years in a row that we have placed in showmanship! (Six 1st place trophies, two 2nd place, & one 3rd place.) We also placed 7th in the brisket category and 3rd in ribs for a 4th place overall finish! There were a total of 116 teams for the 2014 Cook-Off, so that is not bad! We did all of that while smoking close to 1,000 pounds of meat! These accomplishments would not have been possible without the support of our wonderful sponsors!

• Every member of our team goes home dogged-tired and feeling great.

• We have also been participating in other cook-offs around the area, (cooking part only) most all charity-based, and have had great success at those as well!

Bourbon Cowboy Cookers is a a Non-Profit, IRS 501(c)(3) Corporation
Federal Tax ID Number Available upon Request
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